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Ghost Ships Festival 2016!
March 18-19, 2016  – Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel, Milwaukee, WI

Once again we are excited to be hosting the 17th Annual Ghost Ships Festival at the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel.  Conveniently located off I-94 just south of General Mitchell International Airport, the Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport Hotel with its state-of-the-art meeting and event facilities, guest amenities and top-notch service made it the perfect choice for Ghost Ships Festival 2016.
The Ghost Ships Festival is Wisconsin's largest trade show devoted to Scuba Diving and Great Lakes Maritime History. Exhibits, workshops, and presentations cover just about every aspect of Great Lakes maritime history and scuba diving. You can listen to and interact with leading dive industry professionals, extreme explorers, maritime historians, and Great Lakes authors!
Tickets to the presentations on Friday night and Saturday are $20.00 until March 17th, 2015 and $25.00 if purchased at the door.  You can purchase your tickets through our secure online ticketing page.
The Exhibit Hall is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Featured Presentation: Expedition Files
Friday, March 18, 2016 - 7:00pm-9:00pm - Concorde A Presentation Hall

More people have walked on the moon, than have been to some of the places Jill Heinerth has explored on earth. From dangerous technical dives, deep inside giant Antarctic icebergs, to photographing miles of never-before-seen passages of dark, submerged caves, Jill’s curiosity and passion about our fragile planet is the driving force in her life. In recognition of a lifetime of achievement, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society awarded Jill the first ever Medal for Exploration. Jill Heinerth shares accolades such as the Wyland ICON award with a remarkable cast of her own childhood heroes, including Dr. Sylvia Earle, Captain Jacques Cousteau, and Dr. Robert Ballard.

With dynamic images and stunning photographs from the last finite frontiers of this Earth, Jill will share stories about risk management, technology and synergism as she recounts her exploration inside of Antarctic icebergs and making movies deep inside submerged caves around the world.

Presented by: Jill Heinerth
Rawely Point Shipwrecks Revealed – Using Ultralight Aircraft to Speed Maritime Archaeology
Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 4:00pm-4:45pm - Concorde A Presentation Hall
Two Rivers' resident and ultralight pilot, Suzze Johnson, and Wisconsin Historical Society's Maritime Archaeologist, Tamara Thomsen began a unique collaboration in 2013 which resulted in the discovery by air of five new shipwrecks in Lake Michigan offshore of Rawley Point. Suzze will discuss challenges and inspiration gained from flying the coastline of Manitowoc County in pursuit of shipwrecks recently exposed by the shifting sands. Tamara will share the ships' histories, and explain the importance of these amazing discoveries. Their partnership has lead to the nomination of each of these historically significant vessels to the State and National Register of Historic Places, in an area recognized in October 2015 by President Obama as a potential National Marine Sanctuary.
Presented by: Tamara Thomsen & Suzze Johnson
Rebreather Workshop
Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 8:00am-12:00pm - Hotel Pool
The rebreather workshop begins with classroom discussion on closed circuit rebreather theory and operation, the differences between the different re-breather designs, and the advantages and disadvantages of re-breathers over open circuit scuba. Participants will then get to try out several different units under the instruction of the area's top re-breather instructors.

The fee covers rebreather use, gases, scrubber material and handouts. You will need to provide proof of Open Water scuba certification as well as a swimsuit, mask, fins and weight belt.

This is a great opportunity to compare the area's most popular rebreather models.

To sign up for this workshop visit Diversions Scuba at:
Presented by: Area Re-breather Instructors